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Dying Breed

When: Jun. 29, 6:00PM
Where: Goofys Eatery & Spirits


We are a high energy Rock & Roll experience you have to see LIVE! Classic Rock w/ some older classic standards... & some harder stuff for the true rockers. We will have you dancing & singing to the songs you THOUGHT you forgot about...

We ARE the last of the Dying Breed...

Annual party w/ Harold Tipton &amp; Friends

When: Jun. 30, 4:00PM
Where: Goofys Eatery & Spirits


Radio Bravo w/ 4 other bands

When: Jul. 6, 4:00PM
Where: Goofys Eatery & Spirits


"Radio Bravo" was formed in 2017 by bringing together the varying styles and influences of four of the area’s most talented and active musicians.

Blue Train

When: Jul. 7, 4:00PM
Where: Goofys Eatery & Spirits


Bluegrass Band


When: Jul. 13, 6:00PM
Where: Goofys Eatery & Spirits


Classic rock

Mosley Brothers

When: Jul. 14, 4:00PM
Where: Goofys Eatery & Spirits


The Mosley Brothers are a group of talented young bluegrass musicians. A fusion between traditional bluegrass and progressive acoustic music.

Salem Bottom Boys

When: Jul. 19, 6:00PM
Where: Goofys Eatery & Spirits


The band originates from Carroll County, Maryland and most of them still make it their home. The band has always built its foundation on Bluegrass music, but Bluegrass goes hand in hand with Bluegrass Gospel. You can't have one without the other. Striving for perfect harmony the boys let the instruments fill in the background. With more and more people hearing and learning of their Gospel songs, the Salem Bottom Boys were soon invited to numerous churches to play for services, picnics, and coffee houses. Now they are playing at both Bluegrass and Gospel shows, with neither taking a backseat to the other.

After thirty some years of playing together, The Salem Bottom Boys number one goal is to keep the music fun and enjoyable, and not make it seem like work. Making family and friendship their first priority has always been their rule. The band would like to thank their friends, family, and fans for persuading them to keep moving forward with the music

Poison Whiskey &amp; 2 other bands

When: Jul. 20, 4:00PM
Where: Goofys Eatery & Spirits



Poison Whiskey hosts the 1st Annual Summer Jam at Goofy's along with Out'a Line and Genghis Khan.
Poison Whiskey Band
Musician/Band · Lineboro, Maryland
Playing that good ol' rock-n-roll!

Guitars, Vocals: Johnny Gereny
Guitars, Vocals: Tim Ruch
Bass, Vocals: Ron Loomis
Keys, Harp, Banjo: Larry Brantley
Drums: Brad Blizzard
Percussion: Clyde Johnson
Out'a Line
Musician/Band · Pasadena, Maryland
OUT'A LINE is...
Bass: Mike Schuman
Lead Guitar: Billy Malle
Guitar: Jordan Caplan
Drums: Kevin Gasch
Lead Vocals: Rob Arbogast
Sound: Daryl Mckenrick
Genghis Khan Band
The very best in Southern,Classic, and Modern Rock

6 Cent &amp; Soul R System

When: Jul. 27, 6:00PM
Where: Goofys Eatery & Spirits


6¢ (Six Cents) is in their 15th year together as a versatile and multi-faceted classic rock band. Original founding members Brian Colgan; (vocals, guitars, keyb...oards, flute and violin) John Keefauver; (keyboards, sax, guitar and vocals) and J.J. Dugan (vocals and drums), are joined by Aaron Baugher, (guitar and keyboards) ), Jeff Maus (bass and vocals) and Carly Miller (vocals, guitar and percussion). Their broad range of music covers lighter acts like CSN&Y, America and Jimmy Buffett to the eclectic music of the Dave Matthews Band, Steely Dan and Rusted Root, to the full out rock of Boston, the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Heart and Pat Benetar. The band released a self produced CD of their own material, entitled “Heads Up” in 2008 and plans more original recording in the future. Tons of vocal harmony, instrumental versatility and an ability to cover a wide spectrum of styles and eras adds up to the popular Hanover area based band, 6¢.


Disorderly Conduct

When: Aug. 3, 6:00PM
Where: Goofys Eatery & Spirits