Our Outdoor season is just around the corner. We're on the hunt for the perfect individuals to help complete our Seasonal team.
Experience Preferred
Ramp Certification a plus
Part time
Tuesday-Sunday availability.
Bring your resume with all experience and fill out an application at the Bar/Restaurant to be considered.

Goofy's Annual Christmas for Kids Golf Tournament 

June 26, 2023

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Goofy's!

Goofy's Gift Certificates Available

Mark those calendars!

Please keep in mind there is no sharing.

NEW Adult Slushy flavor at our To Go Store!


You spoke loud and clear and your voices were heard!
Wanted to give you advance notice so you don't miss out!
A crowd pleaser for sure!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!
Mark those calendars for next year's date of:  June 26, 2023. It will definitely fill up!

Congratulations to our standout golfers!

Dunk Tank
June 11, 2022

Please join me in welcoming Josh & Laura's niece, Savannah to the lineup! We hope you'll come out this Saturday, June 11, 2022 and help her raise money for the Christmas For Kids Campaign! She was so excited about the Dunk Tank that she came to us to try to get a time slot! That speaks volumes!
Times are listed below so don't forget to show up in support of your favorites! Every ball purchased will benefit our fundraising efforts!

Guest Bartenders
June 11, 2022

We are so excited for this Saturday! We hope everyone comes prepared to help us make this our most successful one to date! PLEASE note that we are CASH ONLY but we do have an ATM on site. Thank you for helping all these wonderful human beings raise lots of money for the York/Adams County Christmas for Kids Campaign! Every single tip you donated benefits this Campaign!

Jeff Bower's Celebration of Life Slide Show

Please be sure to send your pictures of Jeff to the following email to be used in the slideshow that is being put together for this day of celebration! Everyone is encouraged to send them in. Please get them in sooner than later as it will take time to compile them all together. Thank you!

Seasonal Pavilion Hours:
Starts Friday, 5/27/22

Christmas for Kids Campaign Donations

Photos taken Saturday, May 7, 2022 at the presentation of donations from the years 2020-2021 for the Christmas For Kids Campaign. We are honored to be a part of this Campaign alongside Abate of PA Mason Dixon Chapter. Your continued support through our Cornhole/Guest Bartender/Dunk Tank & Goofy's Golf Tournament help to make this all possible! Thank you!
Harvest of Hope
Olivia's House
YMCA of Shrewsbury
Leg Up Farm
Equiteam Support Services


Save the Date!
Jeff Bower's Celebration of Life Service.

Please stay tuned for additional information but in the meantime PLEASE save the Date for Jeff Bower's Celebration of Life Service. On Sunday, June 5, 2022 @ 2pm @ Goofy's.

Come support our Guest Bartenders

Help them raise lots of tips for York County Christmas for Kids!
Click to meet them!

The Goofy's golf trophy will 'RISE' again if we recieve 30 team registrations for our 2022 tournament!  

Help us make this happen!  Currently have 5 teams registered!

From all of us at Goofy's! We thank you!

Goofy's Golf Tournament 2021

Raising money for York County Christmas for Kids!  Thank you for coming out and supporting this fundraiser!  We had the biggest turnout ever!  Mark your calendars for next year, June 27, 2022!

We know you're out there!

Inquire within please!

Ocean City Fries

Try not to drool over our famous Ocean City Fries...go ahead...we dare ya! If you've never tasted them you gotta try them. One bite and you'll see why they're a favorite at Goofy's.

Be sure to checkout Robbie Kendall in his Goofy's car during Speedweek! How sweet is that?


Be sure to get one of our Famous Fresh Squeezed Orange Crushes To Go for $6!


Today is a very SPECIAL day indeed...
Be sure to HONK YOUR HORN if you drive by Goofy's today to let Whitey know you're thinking about him and want to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Thursday, April 23, 2020

Josh and Whitey preparing to take the Chicken to the Frontline workers at Hanover Hospital today. We will continue doing this every Thursday while we can.
We appreciate these folks so much for all they are doing!

We sure do miss you all!
Be sure to pick up your Beer from our To Go Store so you can celebrate National Beer Day today!

Goofy's Happy Hour specials

Can't go wrong with this Happy Hour special!

Try our Oyster Shooters!

Whitey LOVES Oyster Shooters! "Cheers" from Whitey!

Whitey & Rita are celebrating 30 years that Goofy's has been in business!

 Thank you to each and everyone of our customers both old and new for your continued patronage to Goofy's throughout the years! Such a huge milestone! It takes a village for sure!
We'll be celebrating with you all next year when the weather is more suitable for such a celebration!

Look what's new at Goofys. Tastes great with club soda.

Get to know our Goofy's Bartenders/Servers...
This week we feature:

*Favorite drink to make:
Tight Snatch and a F**k It Bucket
*Favorite Food at Goofy's:
Chicken Wings & OC Fries
*Bartending how long?
"I've been working at Goofy's for 8 1/2 years and have been bartending for 24 years."
*Here's what Shannon said she loves about Goofy's:
"My favorite thing about working at Goofys are all the amazing people I’ve met and befriended over the years."
*Something most folks may not know about Shannon:
"I've been skydiving 38 times."
Here's what a few of our customers had to say about Shannon:
"I love everything about Shannon! She always makes you laugh and is one of the quickest bartenders I know! She's the absolute sweetest." -Crystal S.-
"Her smile and bubbly sass just makes ya want smile. Can't help but Luv her!" -Angie S.-
"Very good at having a conversation with everyone and being aware of keeping customers with their drinks with a smile." -Jerry K.-

Get to know our Goofy's Bartenders/Servers...
This week we feature:
Natalie (aka Natty/Natty Boh)

*Favorite drink to make:
Orange Crush
*Favorite Food at Goofy's:
*Bartending how long?
6 years
*Here's what Natalie said she loves about Goofy's:
"My favorite things about. working at Goofys are the memories I've made and being able to serve all of the wonderful and loyal customers that keep coming back. I have built friendships with customers and co-workers. I also met my boyfriend at Goofys and am forever thankful for that! One of my favorite memories is dancing to bluegrass music (Salty Dog) with Whitey!"
*Something most folks may not know about Natalie:
"I work for Visiting Angel's helping older adults in their homes. I enjoy both of my jobs!"
Here's a few heartfelt messages from our customers:
"Natalie's an awesome bartender. Always has a smile on her face and always goes out of her way for her customers! Love ya Natalie!" -Preshcia A.-
"Natalie is great at her job and always on her toes!" -Jamie S.-
"She's polite, great personality, super nice to everyone she meets. I mean come on you know everyone loves Natty. But seriously, we all know Natty is the nicest polite person I've ever met."
-Dan K.-

Get to know our Goofy's Bartenders/Servers...
This week we feature:
Nikki/Nicole (prefers Nikki)

Did you know???
*Favorite drink to make:
Bloody Mary
*Favorite Food at Goofy's:
Cheesesteak wrapped & toasted
*Bartending how long?
20 years
*Here's what Nikki said she loves about Goofy's:
"The local people are amazing! They make everyone feel welcome and would lend a hand to help anyone!"
*Something most folks may not know about Nikki:
"I competed in an updo competition at Madison Square Gardens when I was in cosmetology school. I wanted to do wild and crazy hair and makeup for runway shows. But I never made it that far."
Here's a few heartfelt messages from our customers:
"She always knows what I want when I come in this joint. You can always have fun with her!"
-Mike T.-
"Nikki is a super hero! The strength she has to juggle her responsibilities as a parent, grandparent and bartender is amazing. She is beautiful inside and out and always a great joy to be around! One of many amazing employees who make Goofys a welcoming place to be! Blessed to have her in my life as part of my Goofy family!" -Debbie H.-
"She's extremely personable. Always puts a smile on my face!"
-Jess H.-
"Always bubbly & energetic & keeps everybody happy with cold drinks! Makes you feel welcome. She's the best!" -Champ-

Get to know our Goofy's Bartenders/Servers...

This week we feature:
Did you know???
*Favorite drink to make:
*Favorite Food at Goofy's:
Goofy Burger cooked medium
*Bartending how long?
10 years
*Here's what Laura said her favorite thing about Goofy's is:
"I met my fiance here ."
*Something most folks may not know about Laura:
She does not have any social media accounts at all! Don't worry, we'll be sure to share all the wonderful things you post about her. 😊
"She is a true professional who takes great measure to make a satisfying experience everytime. Being the most sweetest and caring individual with a heart of gold along with her beautiful soul, Laura's bright smile is what makes Goofy's the best!"
-Danny J.-
"She always has a smile and let's me bust her ass all night long."
-Keith S.-
"I love her personality and her drive to do her job well! Laura makes the best drinks and can make anything! They ALL make you feel like family!" -Rachel R.-

Get to know our employees...

Get to know our Goofy's Bartenders/Servers
This week we feature:
Jennifer AKA "Jen" (Prefers "Jen")
Did you know???
*Favorite drink to make:
Bloody Mary. Jen also enjoys sliding a beer down the bar like she's in an old western movie.
*Favorite food at Goofy's:
Wings with thai chili sauce
*Bartending how long?
Bartending for 9 years but has been working in the restaurant industry for 12 years.
*Here's what Jenn said she loves about working at Goofy's:
"I love all my co-workers and my boss. I really enjoy all our regulars who come and see us everyday. We are a Goofy's family, you know...where we all know each other by name or by drink...lol"
*Something folks may not know about Jen:
She plays the guitar
"Jen's so sweet & kind." -Robin R.-
"Jen is very polite, always attentive, personable & has a friendly personality. Great memory w/ regulars & is always checking to make sure your drink and your food are to your liking. She's an amazing bartender!" -Marcie S.-
"Jen is a great bartender and friend. Always dependable!."
-Paige H.-

Thank you for your service!


You just gotta try one of our Fresh squeezed Margaritas! Super refreshing!!

Thank you!

To better serve you...

Our Servers/Bartenders are ready to take your call at our Bar/Restaurant for your Carry Out orders and Reservation needs.

In an effort to better serve you and allow us to respond to your other questions more effectively we ask that you direct all other inquiries to our email address: goofyseateryandspirits@gmail.com
so that we can assist you further.  Thank you!

Have a great weekend! We cant wait to see you!

If you've never tasted one of our famous Orange Crushes you seriously have no idea what you're missing! Let's change that right away!!! So refreshing...




Daily specials will be posted under the "Specials" tab.


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The Original Orange Crush
orange vodka, triple sec

The ELVIS Crush
coconut water vodka, triple sec

Mimosa Cruch
orange mimos vodka, triple sec

We Have A Large Selection of Foreign, Domestic and Microbrew Beers

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Craft, Domestic and Microbrew Beers
Goofy's offers a large selection of craft, domestic beers and microbrews. Come check out our rotating taps!

We have Small Games Of Chance

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